Class bbq part 2

I keep screaming for no reason =p for fun!Scream at Shan n Huang.LOL.Cycled with Suth,Jli n Shan...watched the frog making those noise -_- (nothing better to do.LOL)Oh ya,I forgot bout the tent...HAHAHAHHA..they go inside the tent,they close the tent n then they keep screaming!"TSUNAMI!!!BOM!!!AAAA..." dunno how many times.with those panic movement inside!LOL.
Ya ya,I walked with Shima,Nic,n Nigel =) We talked bout many2 things! =) hahaha.
It was FUN!real FUN!
K,wad else did I miss?Uh..let me think.
Ya!We sat at the beach together...Shan n Huang played the guitar n Izwan sang! =)
So,We went off around 10.40++ walked together to parkway,had lots of laughing with Nic,Nigel n Shima.hahaha.but they left to different direction.
Cabbed with Shima home..


(2 posts coz I cannot post it into 1 post -_- I have no idea why!!)

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Class bbq part 1

K,so I took 55 to the siglap there,infront of marine parade library...walked to parkway area then take the underpass to east coast.I asked either huang,shan,or izwan to meet me at the underpass there,coz I was scared because of some reasons which I dont want to mention it here!K...I walked walked...walked...till the bbq pit,I didnt meet them -_-''' I AM SO SORRY FOR THAT!!!!SOB!from that underpass to the pit,I have to walk like almost 30 mins!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!DEAD!argh.Ok,so Iskandar,Nelson,Tee Yuang,Derek,Peggy,Julie,Pearleen,Dominic r there.It has been so long since I saw them!Huang,Izwanz,Shan came back from fetching "nobody" hahahaha..they came back with a bike for each of them.They keep saying this,"Wahlao eh,very far u noe?!very tired le!" =( Im so sorry okay?!huhuhu.K,Peggy n Pearleen started to grill the sausage n the nugget!YUM YUM!Shan played the cd...n Iskandar danced fergalicious!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA.Oh ya!He oso lower the volume of the song,then he said this, "Good afternoon everyone,this is 'bla bla'FM then bla bla..(I cant rmb exactly wad he said) this song is dedicated to Shan!" then he volumed up the song.HAHAHA.LOL.U should watched how Iskandar dance okay?!HAHA...Then then then....I started to eat after the first bagde of sausage and nugget done!hahaha...I keep eating all the way! XD I dont want to miss the food!But I didnt eat the chicken wing,coz I lazy to use my hands =p

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Yea..Slacking Sunday!

K,I didnt do much today!
I stayed at home almost the whole day!
Chat and web cam with Kev!Played audition,played some nonsense instant games with Kev!HAHA.
That SODOKU thingy!U r so mean okay?! -_- but nvm...I still love u! =)
Im bathing soon n Im gg out to buy food.
So basically,I will bathe,eat,chat,play n sleep after I blog.Like wad I've said!Nothing much!

I worked with Hid yesterday! =)
Working was FUN!! ^^ n Hid is so sweet!! =) Hehee ^^

I am looking forward for the class bbq!
I want my starburst!!! =p hahahaha..n I miss the time that had lots of FUN together! =)

~This Love 4 u..

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the past 2-3 days..

Yes!!Im here!hahahaz.
Uh,okay...so so on the 20th,I went to shatec to apply.
Then from bukit batok took mrt to jurong then change to the green line mrt to go bugis.
Open the shop n work like usual.Closed the shop at 9.30 like usual...then went home.nothing more.

On the 21st,which is ytd,went to work too..because of audition game,I almost late yesterday.hahaha.
But I wasnt late!GOOD!
I saw this group of students..wearing Indonesian junior high school uniform.LOL -_-
I was shock!!Then I approaced them and ask why r they wearing uni n walk around bugis...they said they r on a study tour.
OH...NO WONDER!Some of them wearing their uni,some home clothes.
So so...
Nothing much!

N Im sick today!!!! =(

~I love Kevin Donald Wiradinata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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small study toom n the shop

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our new condo

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My prince!!!

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perfect-simple plan!

It’s something that will always be like that.
He is him!forever will be HIM!
A sudden changes make me feel LOST!
The question is why cant I live the way I want to live?Its my own life for goodness sake!
Ok,I know that sometimes things just don’t work the way we want it to be…
But…ah,U just don’t know anything!!
Kev knows everything!N he knows wad I feel! =) that’s enough for me =)

K,just forget bout it n change the topic.
I went out today to do somestuff that some ppl just don’t need to know what…HAHA!Because some ppl just don’t know how to keep quiet!
Went out with Tante Eng Tin just now =)
Saw this actor n actress doing a scene for the show…
They were hugging n kissing dunno how many times…LOL.
They will do it over n over again till the producer or dunno who likes the scene…tiring I supposed..
Trained home after that…bought sardine puffs for my breakfast tml..n went home after that!!
Nothing interesting bout my daily life,huh?!I know..hahaha

~Loving U always! =)

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Nothing actually..but I feel like writting a post.hahaha..
Im waiting for Kev to reach home now.Ok,when I finished typing that sentence,Kev appeared on the web cam!YAY!hehe..
I miss HIM so much!!

Uh,the stupid missunderstanding just now..I didnt noe how it goes..
Oh ya!because of the stupid TOILET thingy right?!
HAH!Forget bout it!
But somehow after that missunderstanding the mood of uneasyness,the mood of ARGH changed to flying mood!hahahaha.
Im so HIGH now!!Like as if im using drugs,but Im not! =)
I dun need those drugs to make me feel high!I just need Kev to say a few sentences! =p

He is going to nag at me because I put that pic up.LOL.

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K...LOL.I wrote so long n the post is gone.
Nvm..I cant be bothered to write another long long story for today!

Im tired..n my mood its so .... dunno how to describe.
Im not supposed to feel this way actually..coz there is something speciall bout today..
But I dunno...Im tired...
N on top of that,I miss him so much!! ='(

~I miss U...

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pic of the day!!!

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I just love HIM LOADS! =)

K,went to work just now..
I was reading the magazines till Shima came down..OMG!!YAY!hahaha.The time seems to pass very very fast with her! =)
Went home together with her too.The bus was so crowed!! =(
N the place I was sitting was so HOT!!OMG!But thanks to ur jacket Shima!! =)
Nothing much bout today..haha.
Oh ya..someone came to stay at our house..his name is Winston n he will be sleeping at the living room...lol.
We dont have anymore rooms to put him in...so he got to wait till I moved out so he can take over my room =)

~I love KEVIN DONALD WIRADINATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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I lost my hp pouch yesterday...='(
Those who know me very well,sure know that black soft pouch meant alot to me...

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pics of the day!! =)

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I just dont feel well at all...

Just woke up from my sleep..
I was so tired yesterday..
I didnt blog for 2 days uh?!
I was lazy n tired.sorry..

My feelings MIXED...I dunno wad is going on with ME. -_-'''
The day before,I went to work...with jie2 (I dunno her name..lol.so sorry..so I always call her jie2) coz she was going to Bugis to watch movee. Sold 1 white top...
Hendra,Hendri,n Melinda came down for a visit.. =) thanks for accompanying me! =)
Jie2 oso came down..30 mins b4 I closed the shop.
After I closed the shop,we went to jalan2 there..then jie2 accompany me eat chiken rice.
We went home after that..

Yesterday,I woke up early...
My boss wantd to meet me at e shop.
I went to Kev's house for awhile till my bos smsed me,I left n headed to Bugis.
Packed all the stuff..then we went to clementi,which is her house..Met her white mouse.. =) SO CUTE! =)
Went to meet mum n sa to see the condo after that.
I was like...WHOA!!SO NICE!!our unit is on the 32nd floor...LOL.SO HIGH?!
But the room is so small =( ...only master bed room is BIG.UNFAIR!but I dont care...I WANT TO PUT MY COMPUTER INSIDE E ROOM!I shared my room with my sis as usual =)
Cant wait to move in!!

Today...I dun feel well...I might be going Bugis to visit Shima.She is working today.


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Hello..I did nothing except chatting with Kev for the whole day today!
Eat n drink its a must right?!so its included inside my day today.
My sis is still here!YAY!I hope my mum let her accompany me tml =p
Im workin alone tml!I scared I fall asleep -_-

~Ur my lalalalas n my hohohohos! =p melted like those yummy vanilla ice cream!

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pics of the day!!hahaha

The one that I love the most...Kevin Donald Wiradinata! =)

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I miss U alotz! ='(

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That happy things =)

Woke up at 6 to chat with Kev...but in the end I couldnt take it,coz I was still very sleepy!hahahahaha...
I went back to sleep again..woke up at 10 something to chat with KEV for awhile..coz he had to attend another class.
Then then...
Watched world funniest video,prepared myself for work...
After that off to heartland.
Changed my Rp to S$..It was EX! =( but I had no choice but to change.SOB!
Then then...
Took bus 80 to bugis..walked to bugis street...Julie wasnt there yet,n I dun hav the key..So I walked around,waited around...
Bought alots of food after setting up the shop!hahahaha..Im like a pig!Sit n eat for the whole day!
Shima supposed to come down but she didnt come.She was tired...Poor Shima..=p HAHA.
Closed shop as usual at 9.30...then then...Took 80 home.
Waited for Shima infront of hearland,met her then we went to mac.
Shima told me n Julie alots of funny stuff laaaaaa =D
We keep laughing n laughing!HAHAHAHAHA...
Meet Hui Fen with her friend on our way back...had a short converstation with her...then I walked home..
Had a great time with them lah! (Shima n Julie)
Nic,where r u?!SOB...I MISS NIC!!!!!!
I miss the time when we were studying n laughing non stop at mac...really.Time flies!

OK,so Shima is working tml..but Im gg there at night =)
Anyone coming?! =)

~I miss u so much Kev! =)

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I hope she wont get angry because i put the pic in...=p

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K..Im tired today.
Woke up around 10 to chatt with Kev..
Prepared to go to work at 12...topped up my ez link card.
My new shoes was killing me all the way!lol..wad can u expect from a cheap new shoes?!hahaz.
But it will be ok soon I think.
Opened the shop early..lol.It was like...2p.m but we were supposed to open at 2.30.
Nvm lah...we r very hardworking! =p
Sold 1 dress only for today.
Nvm...its better than nothing =)
Tried some of the clothes n dresses from the shop =p look at the pics below!
I ate alotz today...-_-'''
But nvm,coz I like n Im happy with it!The food was nice laaah!Really!U should try it! =)

I dun feel OK right now..so Im going to sleep...

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having fun =p

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I woke up at 8 something today to chatt with Kev =)
Chatted,then played the Titanic hidden expedition...HAHA...I finished the game ok!? =)
It was FUN!
I finished that excatly at the time that I had to bathe,coz if not,I will b late.
Took the 107 to shaw tower..walked to bugis village (the shop la)
Met Shima n Julie..
Shima looked so tired...lol.Im so slack,but she so tired..BIG difference!
Went to eat at banquet,meet her mum too =)
then then bla bla...lazy to write all lah!hahahahaha.
Im workin tml!work work!

~I love KEV!! ^^

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Happy shopping girl..=p

LOOK AT THEM!omg...my money..T_T
I worked for 1 day,but I spent like that...how to cover?!?!I oso dunno.lol.

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My first day =)

HELLO!Today is my first day of work..hehee..so long then get a job =p
Working with Julie for the first 3 days n after that I'll be workin alone.
OMG..Im scared!but I have to learn!I know.
Shima came down just now!heheee =) The three of us talked alotz! =)
It was FUN!
I sold 1 piece of dress,Julie oso sold 1 piece of top =)
We closed the shop around 9.30...n after that we went down to search for a bag...I NEED IT!
N I was SO HAPPY LAAAH!I found a PUMA bag...cost $10!!! =)
The bag is not big...but its not small oso =)
At first we saw is $15...Julie bought it..but I think it was too big lah...I dun really like even tho I know its cheap.
We walked abit,n I found wad I like.It says there $12..but I asked them to lower the price.I only need to say,can lower?!Then she straight away tell me, "Ok la...I give u $10." GOOD!!!I took the green colour =) coz its the nicest! =)
Took 80 home...together with Julie..
Bathed then then blog! =)

Uh,I chatted with Kev this morning =) web cammed oso =)
I LOVE KEV!!! =)
He was so worried that I have to go home around 9.30 if I got work..haha.Cute =p
Dun worry k?! =) It'll be allright!

~I love the way u love me! =)

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Sniper =)

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Hello!! =) I woke up very ealry today!hehee..
Chatted,web cammed n talked with Kev from 7a.m to 11++a.m just now!
I love Kev!!! ^^
Cooked eggs for my breakfast..the fire was too BIG..so,u know wad would happened to the eggs rite?!haha.
Played trial games to kill the time...
Played RO with Kurni =) hehee...
Chatted with some of my friends too.But one of them r so "ARGH!".I dun want to mention who!
Went to buy food...Fish n chips!I went to check the sushi price oso..
50% off after 9p.m!!!!hehe...but sometimes if the timing its not right there will be less choices of all the sushi..
I bought it for tml's breakfast!hehee =)

Ya!!!Tml will be the first day of working..I hope that everything is gonna be allright.Im scared,Im shy n all that lah!
But Im working with Julie tml =) The first 3 days I'll be working with Julie.
Meeting Julie b4 2.30 infront of BK,Bugis village.
C ya tml Julie! =)

N I didnt blog yesterday coz I have to wake up early to chatt with my love Kev!! =)
Nothing much bout Sunday.
Sent my sis home then ate at my mum's place,washed the dishes n then headed home!

~I love the way u love me!! =)

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him ~^^~

Its him him him!!I MISS HIM!!!Kevin Donald Wiradinata!!!!!!!

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Hello!I didnt blog yesterday..I was lazy.haha
I went for the job interview yesterday,at bugis village.
Im gg to work at Julie's n Nic's n Hidayah's work place..hehe
Hidayah ( I hope I spell it correctly ) is Shima's cousin =)
The Boss is SO NICE too ^^ she is so friendly!
Hidayah said she will give me the scedule..I will start my work next week probably.
I really need some activities n I found it now...hehee.GOOD!

From Bugis village,I went to fetch my sis..
Yea Yea..she n my mum made me so angry yesterday.
I was annoyed by their attitude!!!ARGH!
My mum got scared because I was so angry..lol.Sry mum.
Ate together gether...=p
Then me n my sis headed to Kovan.
We decided to take bus 147 from commonwealth..but in the midle of the journey,we need to go to the toilet..LOL.Coz inside the bus was so COLD!
We alighted at potong pasir to go to the toilet.hahaha.We took MRT after tt to Kovan.
Bought some stuff for the next day's breakfast then we headed home.
Played games with my sis,then sleep at 2.30 something...

Today,chatted with Kev,played game with him too..
n here I am blogging.nothing much for today..I stay at home for the whole day!But Im going out soon lah..=p my lil sis wanted to eat fish n chips..
Thats all~ =p

~Loving u always =)

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~ ^^ ~

Just got home from Kev's house..
My thurs' scedule..heee =)
Met all of his bro..n his guardian oso!
She is SO NICE LAH!Really!!! ^^
>>>I got that free umbrella that u want me to have..LOL.Its so not nice lah..<<< (Kev)
Watched Putri yg Terbuang together..then after that was Pangeran Penggoda.I dun really understand the story but there is this FUNNY girl which act so stupid inside the show.LOL..
Walked to the bus stop with Kev's guardian,Tante Eng Tin =)
We talked all the way!!So FUN to talk with her...hehe.She told me lots of things too..
I cant wait for the next thu...I want to go there again!! =p

Uh,woke up around 11 this morning,talked to Kev( AGAIN...I KNOW!! =p ) heheee...=)
Then waited for Kev to go online..
Web cammed with him ^^ talked,played with him..
I cant wait for tml laaah!!I have lots lots story to tell Kev bout today.hehehe.

~I miss KEV lotz!!

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I miss Kev...

I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u
I miss u

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