Its coming!

Im excited! =p

There r 2 things coming!
1 is ... (guess urself!) and another one is my love K.D.W is coming very soon!! =)
29th of sept!!! =)
I hape LOTS of school stuff to do,I bet time will just flies!
I got Tourism project,English project,Econ project,Econ progress test,Tourism progress test and during september I have major exams!After the exams,our class is having challet at pasir ris for 3 days 2 night! =) Its gonna b fun! =D hehee...
and after the challet,I only have to wait for 1 more days till 29sept! =D
I cant waittttttttttt! =D

Ahhh..the classed today werent that bad..lol
Early in the morning,I felt like I could just sleep ANYTIME even tho Im walking...
I was SUPER SLEEPY!!!!!! x(
And it has gone worst during housekeeping lesson.OHMY.
The teacher showed us a video of how to knock the door,how to clean the room,how to appologies,and all the housekeeper should do.
I cant stand it!LOL.I have Kev's jumpper on my table,I could just lay down n zzzzzzzzzzzz gone to lala land!But I didnt!Paying attention in class is important! xP hahaha!LOOK whose talking here..
I didnt sleep in the end,I managed to b awake.
After the housekeeping thing,we went to west mall to go n get a food..YUMMY food!hehehe.
I bought a BIG MnMs packet for 3 hours of tourism lesson.

During IR,I need to present the poster that our group has done it..and Beth said,I was shouting infront...LOL
I didnt noe my voice was very loud...-.- Im nervous.I cant present.....but I presented.Whtv.

AHHHHHH...I cant stop thinking about the progress test..=(

I LOVE KEV~ n Nite ppl. =)

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