In the year 2007....

1.Will you be looking for a new job?
-Yap! =)
2.Will you be looking for a new relationship?
-Of course not!I love him lotz =)
3.New house?
4.What will you do different in 2007?
-I will be working..n I wont be schooling in YuYing anymore..
5.New Years resolutions?
-Be a better person!!
6.What will you not be doing in 2007?
-Lazying around..
7.Any trips planned?
9.What's on your calendar?for this mth?
-Hmm..left with -going back to Singapore..-
10.What can't you wait for?
-New Year eve!
11.What would you like to see happen different?
-My achievement!
12.What about yourself will you be changing?
-Ya,of course!I want to be a better person =)
13.What happened in '06 that you didn't think would ever happen?
-Umm..I dun think I want to tell ya =p
14.Will you be nicer to the people you care about?
-Ya =)
15.Will you dress differently this year than you did in 06?
-I want to
16.Will you start or quit drinking?
-I wont start,so I will not quit
17.Will you have better your relationship with your family?
-I think it'll be the same

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16.Will you start or quit drinking?
-I wont start,so I will not quit
17.Will you have better your relationship with your family?
-I think it'll be the same
18.Will you do charity work?
-I dunno -_-'''
19.Will you go to bars?
-I wouldnt mind
20.Will you be nice to people you don't know?
21.Do you expect 2007 to be a good year for you?
22.How much did you change from this time last year till now?
-Umm...I wasnt this good in my studies..n..bla blas
23.Do you plan on having a child?
-I dunno..I want to but Im scared..-_-''' Lets think bout it some other time..
24.Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?
25.Major lifestyle changes?
-More interested in my studies..LOL
26.Will you be moving?
-To where?!I dun think so
27.What will you make sure doesn't happen in 2007 that happened in 2006?
-I wont waste my time..NO MORE!
28.What are your New Years Eve plans?
-Secret! =p
29.Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?
30.Wish for 2007?
-Be a better person!!!!

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Im bored...=(

[ ] Gotten a referral.
[ ] Gotten detention.
[ ] Gotten your cellphone taken away.
[ ] Gotten suspended.
[x] Chewed gum during class.


[x] Gotten late to a class more than 10times (Ya..ART clas..LOL)
[x] Didn't do homework over 5 times.
[ ] Returned at least 5 projects in late.
[x] Missed school cause you felt likeit.
[ ] Skipped class at least 3 times.


[ ] Got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of school.
[x] Texted people during class.
[x] Passed notes.
[x] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher.


[ ] Pulled down the fire alarm.
[ ] Went on myspace; xanga; etc on the computer in the library/anywhere in the school.
[x] Took pictures during class.
[x] Called someone during class.
[x] Listened to an ipod/cd player/mp3 during class (Again..during ART class..LOL)


[ ] threw something at the teacher
[x] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[ ] Broke the dress code.
[x] Failed a class.
[x] Ate food during class.


[x] Gotten a call home.
[ ] Couldn't go on a field trip causeyou behaved bad.
[x] Didn't take your stuff to school.
[ ] gotten a referral and ripped it up.
[ ] used passes from other days/ Or made fake pass.
[ ] said a curse word during class loud enough so the teacher could hear.


So,I am 56% Hated by Teachers

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Lalalala...soo..I am now at Jakarta... =)
heheee...will be back to Singapore very soon..
Got lotz of pic to put..but then the connection is very bad here...
I think Its better for me to wait till I reach Singapore then I post it =)
Relaxing...playing...shopping..walking..watching all the movees...n bla blasss =)


Here Here...

1.Who is in the house with you?
-Dad,Mum,Amah,My lil sis,my lil bro,n my lil cousin...
2.Who are you thinking about now?
-Umm..My dearest Kev
3.Who did you last talk to on the phone?
4.Whose house did you last go to?
-My own house in Bandung =)
5.Whose birthday is next?
-David..I think
6.Who was the LAST person you loved but not anymore now?
-My sis said..." MY EX BF LA...STUPID,GOBLOK! "
7.Who do you hope will take this survey?
-All of my friends..
8.What was the last place you pierced?
-My right ear -_-'''
9.What was the last movie you watched?
-Land of the dead..YEUKH!
10.What is the closest item near you that is white?
-My tee =)
11.What instant messaging service do you use?
12.What is your favorite color?
13.What is your most used, away message?
14.What is your favorite website?
-Yahoo,friendster,blogger,bla blas
15.What song are you currently hearing?
-The speakers spoiled already -_-'''
16.Where do you live?
-Now?My house in Jakarta
17.Where do you sleep?
-On my Dady n Mumy's bed!
18.Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
-Fila shop..at Harbourfront!
19.When is your birthday?
-23 of August
20.When did you last burn a candle?
-Dunno...cant rmb.

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Im going back today!!!! ^^
19.55 flight..
Going back together with Kev =p

So yah...Maybe I wont b blogging for quite sometimes...
Will be back in Sg maybe January..=)

Going to prepare everything now...

-Is like...OH SO SWEET!
-I miss all of u here already...=p

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