OK...Im bored..=(
I wanted to change my font for my blog,but it couldnt work!
So,got nothing more to do.
I want to go back to Singapore A.S.A.P
But Im so scared to ask my dad.
Coz I've asking for it SOO MANY TIMES!
I dont feel well now somemore.
Its so uncomfortable.
Any idea of wad to do?!

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I just woke up from my long sleep.. =)
But but but but,nothing to do today!!!SAD.
Im sick of playing sims...kind of ummm...Bored,maybe?!
Coz its getting harder and drier...like..um,dunno how to xplain.

I read this from my daili horoscope...
-You are making incredible progress now,but be careful not to push things too far-
I was like..umm..
Normally I dun believe with those,but for this...Kind of making me confused.

Wondering when I'll be back to singapore..
I miss my computer lah =(
And I have freedom there.

~I want next week to come faster!!!!!

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Hey hey!

Im so happy today laaa...
Even tho I coulndt sleep properly last night..=(

About phone,camera,n spectacle
I already put anti scratch for my SE m600i =) hehee....
And I got 1 free camera!!!
I was walking alone at Mega Mall,coz my dad and the rest were eating..
I was msgin,and then someone stopped me and say tt I can get a FREE camera,all I had to do is just fill the form and tell them wad Sonny Eriscsson or Motorolla brand Im using.
SO I filled the form and I got a free camera!
Not that high tech camera larh...but still,ITS FREE!
The guy said this promotion is only for 50 lucky ppl..and its only from 2pm to 4pm
LOL...Im the lucky one then ^^ heheee...
My grandma dun believe...she tot I stole it from somewhere...
Like,OMG la...-_-'''

Umm..Okay,I hope tonight I can sleep properly =\
Im sooo tired for the whole day!
I went to my cousin's house...
She was so happy when I came..^^ haha..cute lil gal
I promise her,I will bring her to seaworld next week..
Wait for the upcoming pictures,will ya?! =)
Nitezzzzzzz,nice dream everyone...

~I love Dady! =) Like..omg!So nice of u to understand me to that extend!!

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Sadarkan aku Tuhan,dia bukan milikku
Biarlah waktu...waktu..HAPUS AKU

>God,please make me realize that he/she is not mine
>Let the time...time,erase me ...(erase me,is the sentence correct?!lol)

Wad a sad song!SOB.
But its very meaningful

My dad is still busy today..=(
Today is supposed to be holiday!
The colour is RED on the calendar for today..
My grandmom went out n I couldnt reach her..LOL.
So all I can do is play with computer n my ps2.

Couldnt sleep last night..
Lots of things inside my mind.
Its very ARGH!Disturbing!
Then yah...bla bla...
I dont feel like typing anymore...

~Hapuslah aku,Tuhan..

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Im crazy bout the Sims bust'in out...=p or busti'n out..dunno how to write lah!
I was playing that for almost the whole day!
And now Im here,blogging.heeee ^^

Last night,I had a very wierd dream -_-'''
I dont even want to mention it here...its soooooo NONSENSE

K,My dad is going out =(
I dont like it laaaaah...
Is like ARGH!
He will drunk laaaaaaaa -_-'''

~I DONT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT LIKE DONT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Im here blogging again....

I was wondering why and wad happened to one of the Adam Air's aeroplane...
Its still missing till now...
The plane had dissapeared since the 1st of Jan,but till now..they found NONE of the body...
Only some part of the plane...
So sad...=(
But is like nothing we can do except praying...
Just hope tt everything will be allright..

Ummm,bout today...
Nothing more except gaming,and smsing,talking,bathing,eating,drinking,watching..hahaha
slack life...=\


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Okaayy...finally I can update my blog..^^
Oh so Happy! =p

So yah..
Im now at Jakarta..At my very own house..
I came back from my sis's house yesterday.
Kind of "ARGH"
With all the nothing-to-do-ness!
Actually lotz of things I can do there,but Im just .... dunno -_-'''
Even tho no one is here to accompany me,I still can go online..
So yah..It doesnt get any better here! =)
Another thing is tt..Ummm..My feelings is just not right towards my sis..
Is like...there is no difference here with nobody and there with lots of ppl...get wad I mean?!
Dunno how to explain oso..
Its just like that lah!

But nvm...I feel lots lots better here..
I dont have to wait for anybody to come home...
And I can do whatever I want here...At my very own house =)

And yah!I love my dad LOTZ!
He gave me a new phone!YAY!
I didnt ask for it!But he offered...^^
But I have to exchange with my pretty maroon v3i..
Kind of confused which one to use..but in the end I decided to use the new Sony Ericsson M600i
Bye bye my pretty V3i...
I will miss u ='(

Umm...wad more?!
Bout today..Nothing much!
Either PS2 or Computer...
Like that for the whole day.LOL...

-Oh so sweet!!!!!Thx for the Poem ^^

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